Chase BishovA few months ago, U-16 Academy ‘keeper Chase Bishov (far left in picture) received outstanding news that he had been selected to participate in “Brophy High School’s Annual Guatemala Immersion Experience and Church in the Modern World Senior Theology Elective.”

Over 2/3 of Brophy’s junior class applied and students selected to participate were based upon: character, faith, academic ability and leadership potential they have demonstrated over the last two and a half years at Brophy.

Bishov, a leader on and off the field who has been named to the starting XI 20 times for this season, left for Guatemala on May 26 and spent the next 13 days trying to get a better understanding on how the church interacts with the modern world.

The students in attendance also learned about history of Guatemala, including the¬†atrocious Civil War that ended in 1996. They also spent time at local Mission’s and lived with a host family for a few days participating and helping the families in their daily lives.¬† Bishov returned home on June 8th and Grande Sports Academy had a chance to talk to Chase about the trip.

For more details including daily stories from the trip click here.

Grande – How was the trip?

Bishov – “It was really good. It was an incredible experience and really enlightening. We met with a ton of organizations and we were able to meet with a lot of people to try to understand the problems gong on with Guatemala and how the church and the government was interacting with the people. Trying to understand what their problems were so we can solve them the best way possible.”

Grande – What was your favorite part?

Bishov – My favorite part was the home stay. We stayed with the family for about three-days and we worked with them and talked to them. We did what they do on a daily basis to try to get a better understanding on how they live so we could make smarter decisions with our lives and help the common good.”

Grande – Did anything surprise you or catch you off-guard?

Bishov – There are a lot of stereotypes like, that although they are poor they may be uneducated and because of that they would lack the desire for success. These are probably the stereotypes that most people think. However, I found that to be completely false. These people are the most hard working indaviduals and they try to strive for success better than anyone I have ever met. Although they lack the key fundamentals to success like a good education and solid health care they really try their best every day to succeed.”

Grande – Congrats on your trip!

Bishov – “Thanks!”

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  1. Barbara Bishov says:

    So proud of my grandson in all that he does. In school, on the soccer field and the kind of really good young man that he has become.

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